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The “Done-For-You” Marketing Kit

I KNOW HOW OVERWHELMED LIFE COACHES ARE -buried in Do-It-Yourself marketing tasks while they desperately try to educate themselves and navigate through the endless start-up duties so they can get to the exciting part of launching their business, making a name for themselves and empowering the world. In addition, I also understand how terrifying is is to invest your precious time, money and energy on “Do It Yourself” marketing platforms that in the end may be a flop by looking like a DIY project. How do I know?  I have been there. Right there. Staring into the pits of failed tech, design and platform mistakes while I was shaking my head saying “Damn it – I knew better”.  So if you’re anything like me -one of those awesome people person coaches but not a marketing platforms tech person -then I can show you a magic cure. Your marketing platform is what sells you absolutely need quality impact if you want to convert prospects into clients for their success & yours. You don’t have to feel stuck in the DIY models and navigating your marketing choices don’t have to be a challenging process -especially  since you are serious about creating a thriving career, building wealth and serving your clients at the highest level. You can have INSTANT marketing & sales structures that attract your raving fan base so you don’t have to wait for a sustainable business foundation to start doing what you love. I know that many marketers are saying that you don’t need a website, you don’t need structures and platforms but interestingly enough they have websites and structures in place – that’s how we found them!  They are correct that you can get clients -straight-out-of the gate- by just getting out there but onesie’s and twosie’s isn’t enough for the serious entrepreneur who wants to master a prosperous business, turn a consistent profit and light their lives (and their clients) on fire! It can be scary to stare straight in the eye of haunting marketing to-do lists and to wait forever while you check off one tiny learning curve at a time. It can feel unnatural, like a fish climbing a tree ~a grueling task to take on. I get it.  That is why I dedicated countless hours for you (and spent crazy amounts of $$$) to save you from the pain with this complete, top-to-bottom Done-For-You Marketing Kit that INSTANTLY puts the nagging list behind you in one fell swoop. Take a look!

From D.I.Y to Done 

Mindset Magic – Mentoring Club 

Self-worth and feeling like we are enough is always an issue that can use fine tuning since we grew up in a culture that guilt’s and shames mistakes and natural, everyday fears. We can see if we need tuning-up by paying attention to how we judge ourselves. Do you get upset when you make a mistake? Do you beat yourself up when you’re not “perfect”? Do you get looped into the endless worthiness issues that our culture programmed into you and you want to run away from your dreams rather than towards the freedom that awaits you?  Don’t we long for the very things that we’re pushing away from when we accept that were not smart enough, talented enough, good enough and worthy enough for the big, happy loving success that is our birthright? If you are tired of this craziness then this intimate Mentoring Club is your all-access-pass to mastering the unstoppable mindset & rock-solid confidence that it takes to bypass worthiness lies and create unlimited power & prosperity in your new business adventure. In this 6 month course you will start with a 30-Minute Breakthrough Masterclass that will address the 3 Cultural Worthiness Blocks that sabotage your best efforts when it comes to feeling good about the lavish power that you desire & deserve.  It is time to storm past the old cultural excuses, stupidity and worry that undervalue’s your purpose, peace, power and prosperity. Rise up now and master the glowing worth you are and the success that blooms from that state of truth. In addition to the 30-minute masterclass, you will bask in the glory of 6 Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions to get your personal questions answered and to receive direct-breakthrough coaching so sub-conscious sabotage can’t rule you. Ever again. This is the perfect opportunity to clear those stubborn cultural myths, that we all hate, to gain deeper clarity on your inner worth and value.  Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone is by your side to dig those lies out and mentor, coach, guide, support and cheer you on to manifesting your authentic dreams. This is the moment you are waiting for, to finally reach your highest  potential. Let’s journey together and remove those hidden cultural and personal blocks that detain powerful coaches on their journey to success.  We all need someone to lean on – even coaches – so let’s make MAGIC can happen together! 6 Months of pure power is yours for the taking. Right here. Right now. LET US LIVE THE HIGHEST VISION OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE!  

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$239 a Month for 6 Months



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