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FREE ~Fundamentals Masterclass


Join this 60-minutes power-packed webinar full of hot knowledge and get all your burning questions answered so you can make an educated choice before investing your hard-earned cash in a Certification Training. 



FREE 30-Minute Discovery Session

After your Fundamentals Masterclass, pop onto your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to ask your personal questions & see if we’re a fit for each other.


$79 Deep Dive Passion Session

Are you struggling to decide if Life Coaching is the right career for you? Are you wondering if there is another path where your talents can light up this world, but you can’t quite discern what it is?  In this 60-minute deep-dive coaching session you will gain clarity & freedom of where your deepest passions can shine so you can explore all your options before you invest a dime in a training course.  


Coach Like a Rockstar Club

Gain access to “the almost free” fun! Sit back and relax while monthly tips, tools and trainings, featuring the Hottest Marketing, Sales & Strategy Updates, are delivered right to your inbox. Live trainings, blogs, videos, newsletters, industry stats and ongoing motivation will help you rise & shine so you can Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!     $99  ~12 Month Club Membership

(Certification graduates get a FREE year during Training)