Master Coach Certification






In the initial status review, we will summarize the skills already accredited in you Level I & Level II Certification Training and we will actively integrate them in with the new methodologies presented in the Master Coach Certification.



  • Strategy Education: In Level III Master Coaching you will continue to build on the core foundation strategies while you learn about the World Consciousness Platform of psychological success that reaches far beyond the limited role of the individual or small group. When you understand how every population works together and every individual plays a crucial role in the Universal System you can then master the interpersonal skills needed to deliver your healing services to mass audiences and worldwide charity causes. This training lifts you out of limited perceptions to integrate the deepest levels of healing, consciousness, compassion, and service, where the wholeness of all life can be assisted.
  • Testing Procedures: Once you have learned the Level III Worldwide Consciousness Platform skills, participants will write a detailed and comprehensive thesis to express your views of the planetary consciousness fields and how you can use them to support an even greater vision for your expansion and growth as a Master Life Coach. Each participant will complete a minimum of 48 coaching hours of practical application skills with teammates, friends and family members to embody the new methodologies and standards. You will then coach a test client of the trainer’s choice, for a minimum of five hours on an audio Tele-Conference Training or Video Consult (your choice). You will then present a written report of your coaching project and a recording of your master session to the trainer within six months of the initial training. The trainer will review and certify that all six foundation coaching competencies and standards have been met. If the standards have not been met, you will be given specific guidance as to what curriculum has been missed and you will get the opportunity to submit another session incorporating the standards to ensure the ethics of your future coaching practice. Each test client will be asked to give a feedback analysis to incorporate their results and review of the coaching process.
  • Certification Rendered: Participants who complete the thesis requirements for the Level III Training will earn the Master Coach Certification from Life Coach Training Systems.


In Level III Marketing Accountability we will continue to move upward using your 17 Pillars of Success – Marketing Plan, even though many of them will be self- sufficient by this time. We will continue to anchor, support and drive your dreams of consistent action as you move into higher and higher levels of achievement reaching larger scopes of humans in need.


We will analyze your fee structure once again to determine your current value. If a professional increase is in order, we will provide you with the structures and written marketing content needed to increase your fees in a comfortable way for you and your clients.



  • Training: In prior training, we learned the basics of speaking standards and the crucial role this industry plays in exposing your coaching services and adding lucrative income to your bottom line. In this segment of the training, you will receive the Master Skillsets for a deeply rewarding and profitable speaking career. You will learn how to facilitate imperative change for your audience through professional platform skills, delivery, improvisation, storytelling and psychological impact techniques – your reach is now unlimited! Our 3 months together will allow you to learn how to stand tall in this industry and shine in your booming career.
  • Fear Analysis: As you step up higher and higher new fears arise in the psyche. In this stage, you will learn how to boost your belief systems to rock solid confidence and transcend the specific human fears that frighten us into shrinking so we won’t be seen. Humans tend to stay comfortable by playing small, by running away from our place at the top of our professions – but with deep introspection, this course will reveal that it is safe to stand in your Divine Glory and be seen. Together we will step up and leave the play it safe world behind so we can lead others into greatness as well. This critical movement to reach a mass audience is not to feed the ego’s false show of pride or the ego’s need to have fame and fortune to fill its low self-esteem. In this step, you are mounting the pinnacle so you can shine so brightly in the light of truth and honor, that your light wakes up as many people as possible in this magnificent world.
  • Marketing: As you rise even higher in these 3 months, remember that just one paid speaking gig can pay for your whole Certification Training Course!



If you are out empowering the lives of others in the coaching industry, then you can guarantee that your unique application of the principles of success can be harnessed into an insightful book that can benefit existing and new audiences. In this segment of the training, we will coach you into the deepest core of your being to create from your soul so you can express your training and story in a way that will be delightfully satisfying. We will show you how to take your foundation knowledge and follow a step by step guide to outlining each segment of your book. We will also bring in our expert partners to guide you on the path to navigate the multitude of options for ghostwriting services, publishing options, agent partnerships and of course the crucial marketing strategies to get your signature book out into the world. We know how important books are to those in need and we know how important they are to your flowing abundance and success as well.



In the Master Coach Certification, you will also gain access to a powerful mind map process for you to select and serve a charity of your choice in honor of your expanded, global consciousness in Level III Training. You will bask in the enjoyment of selfless service and see tangible results of your conscious impact in our world.



Select Your Individual Partner & Line Up Your Group Support



Closing Party, Master Level Business Launch & Ongoing Support!




Our Certification Training Courses are a mix of Direct Group Coaching (we get to know you!), Audio Transcripts, Client Case Studies and an Interactive Workbook that guides you each step of the way.



  • Live Group Coaching: These Live Webinars & Teleconference Trainings allow you to participate in an interactive group forum where we will discuss training concepts and get all your personal questions answered. You will bond with our team and your peers to deepen your process of growth and get your deepest needs met.
  • Mastermind Support: You will team up in a partnership with like-minded peers so you can reap the rewards of lifelong friendships and an ongoing support system that will always be by your side to drive you ahead.
  • Limited Registration: We strictly adhere to of class size limits, even at the expense of turning away students once registration is filled. You are guaranteed a personalized experience so that you get the best opportunity possible to prosper from our one of a kind support system.

In addition to our unique, personalized services that maximizes your journey to success- your Audio Transcripts, Client Case Studies and Progressive Worksheets allow you complete flexibility to complete your studies in a timeframe that best suits you. The course curriculum has been carefully designed to maximize your learning experience and deliver the newest success and marketing strategies from around the world while keeping balance in mind. You will be at peace once you discover how easy the course material flow, since you only focus on one small task at a time and before you know it you are reveling at your clients & your own Success!


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