Amazing Support


If you have been reviewing different life coach training programs, you know there is a wide variety of prices and offering available and you know that most programs are geared for large audiences with high turnover as the goal. At Life Coach Training Systems, we take time to get to know you so that you won’t end up as just a number. Our Certification programs cost a fraction of the other quality programs on the market and yet we still SUPPORT YOU PERSONALLY WITH MANY UNIQUE BENEFITS!


• One On One Coaching: With 120 Minutes of One on One Coaching (direct with Cheryl) included in your price, you will get 17 Years of Professional expertise laser focused directly for you to get your successful strategies aligned and your business up and running.


• Live Tele-Class Trainings: Tele-Classes allow you to participate in an interactive group forum where we will discuss training concepts and get all your personal questions answered direct from Cheryl. In addition, you will learn from your peer’s questions to deepen your process of growth.


• Partners: You will also team up in partnership with like-minded peers so you can reap the rewards of lifelong friendships and an ongoing support system that will always be by your side to drive you ahead.


• Limited Registration: We limit the sizes of our courses so that you get the best opportunity possible to prosper from our one of a kind support system.


In addition to our unique, personalized services that maximizes your time frame to success, you will also receive your progressive Workbook and Tele-Class audio transcripts that allow you complete flexibility to complete your studies in a timeframe that best suits you. All handouts, study sheets, resources and case studies have been compiled into a structured format that keeps you focused on simple, small steps – each one building on our proven success platform- for your successful completion.




Money Back Guarantee SealRemember that our Diploma Courses come with a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee so there is no risk on your part to try it out and see if it is the personalized training program you have been waiting for!