What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching has been called “a recession proof industry” and is a sought after career around the world because it offers immense emotional and financial rewards that can give you the freedom, fulfillment and deep purpose you crave.

Whether you are helping families, individuals, friends, your community, charities, or businesses, coaching gives you the opportunity to assist others in attaining their highest aspirations with learned skills of shifting human behaviors.

Just like sports coaches, Life Coaches work with clients to achieve their greatest dreams by introducing new practices, strengthening of positive change, breaking thru those blocks, and encourage while not ignoring what needs to be improved.

Life Coaching is a relatively new industry that is growing each year in opportunities, scope, importance and resources. It is a great time to become part of a world wide movement towards individual and world wide peace. It is draws its energy from a booming 11 billion dollar self-help industry that is mounting a movement.

Life Coaching Impacts 6 Key Life Areas

  • Health and Appearance
  • Wealth and Finances
  • Career and Business
  • Relationships
  • Personal and Spiritual Development Recreation
  • Passions and Hobbies

Life Coaching is not therapy. Therapy works with people to overcome emotional disorders. Coaching, on the other hand, is intended for healthy individuals that desire help to achieve personal goals.

Life Coaches tend to specialize in areas that they themselves are most familiar with and have personal experience facing and overcoming. Life coaching is involved in every aspect of the human experience.

Who Is Looking for Coaches?

Anyone…..Everyone….from the most successful executive to the retired homemaker, anyone looking for new insights to live an exceptional life.


Top Reasons People Hire a Life Coach?

  • Attract loving and meaningful relationships
  • End suffering of feeling not good enough….
  • Create a life filled with passion, purpose, and meaning
  • Attract wealth measures not only in dollars but experiences, relationships, etc.
  • Stop procrastinated and move forward
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Expect good things versus negative things
  • Experience greater joy, fun and peace of mind
  • Design and step into an inspiring vision for every aspect of life